A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Do you álso have the Real Desire to end Yo-Yo Dieting once and for all? I help women making nutrition easy and manageable so that they can keep their results for life.



Do any of these sound familiar?


  • You want to break free from yo-yo dieting

  • You're frustrated and desperate 

  • You know you are eating your emotions


  • You're getting nowhere and are really hungry (and angry) 


  •  Nutrition information confuses and overwhelms you

  • You've lost your motivation and self-control. You're STUCK!

I know exactly how you feel, I was you

You need a mentor who motivates you and provides 

full on support



I guide and motivate women over 40 who are absolutely serious about finally getting healthy after having tried all the diets out there and realized none of them gave them permanent results.  Like you, they admitted they need to change their habits but they don't know where to begin.  They feel lost and overwhelmed.  

I support them in their journey and give them the tools they need to go from Stuck to Success.  


My wish for you is to STOP dieting forever and instead start to add healthy habits, one a a time. I'll show you how to simplify nutrition and implement SUSTAINABLE habits (it doesn't take an abundance of intense workouts or eating huge amounts of salad for days on end and making choices that make you miserable, leaving you stuck right where you are now).



I found it when I "committed" to turn my health around.  It was such a revelation when I discovered the steps and I no longer had to deal with intense sugar cravings, emotional eating or rollercoaster dieting.  


I immersed myself in all of the tools that could repair my body from the inside out and now I turn to food to nourish my body.  And yes, I also enjoy ice-cream and a delicious piece of chocolate, without feeling guilty.


And what a difference it has made! My blood sugar and blood pressure are low and in control. My energy is sustained throughout the day and I am very grateful that I kept the weight off ever since.  Without dieting. 


It is important to understand that real change doesn't happen overnight, even though we really want it to.  Real permanent change happens when we decide we "no longer want to settle for how we feel or look and we are truly ready to take the personal responsibility necessary for eating and living differently". 


If you want different results you have to take different actions.  


I’m on a mission to share these effective actions and take you from


Let’s make it happen for YOU TOO so you can live the life

you desire ánd you can be proud of

Because of this my clients get my total commitment to help them achieve the results and outcome they are seeking.  To achieve the transformation they dream of.  If they do their part, there is no magic!  I genuinely care about my clients and their success.  Witnessing my clients turn their lives around is priceless.


I struggled when I used food to soothe myself, to fill my emotional needs, for stress relief, for comfort or as a reward rather than to fill my stomach.  Back then I didn't make the connection that I behaved that way because I was unhappy, sad, anxious or angry.  I turned to food when I was in pain.  But food didn't fix my problems (no cookie ever has!), in fact it added to the existing ones.  I felt really powerless over my weight being out of control and my bad lifestyle.

My life changed when I searched for a way to drop the excess weight naturally and get into shape permanently, I was willing to learn new information, do the work and behave differently and consistently.  I realized that first and foremost I had to stop all the excuses I constantly came up with.  And I had many! For that to happen, I accepted I had to shift my Mindset.   As soon as that happened, working on my food choices and eating habits became so much easier.  Progressing one step at a time.  And that is the reason I succeeded.  Without a mindset shift the results are not long lasting and yet again you are back eating your way to an unhappy place

An "aha moment" for me was that I was no longer going to settle for how I felt and looked.  I had enough of the ups and downs.  I wanted to smile when I looked in the mirror instead of hiding behind my towel, too embaressed to look at myself.

I found my way out.  And you can too.  I am no better than you.  I sincerely hope I can join you on your Path to Wellness.  Let's get there together.



I am from Belgium and after having spent 24 years living and traveling around the world, I returned to my roots in the summer of 2015.


If you’ve ever dreamt of changing your eating habits, making shifts towards a healthier kitchen set up, kicking those old habits, having enough energy to get through your day, and finally fit into your pretty dress (or favorite jeans), then you’re in the right place.


What sets me apart is that I have been where you are.  I was you.  I understand what it feels like and I can relate to what you are going through with your eating habits, food choices and being unmotivated to exercise.  Like you, I had been dreaming of looking and feeling better but I didn't know how to do it or where to start.  It was so discouraging.


I have a really strong understanding of how hard it is to shift your mindset from "this is too hard!" to "I will do this and succeed!"

You can feel confident working with me to guide and support you.  I’m an Accredited Nutrition Coach and a Board Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  I work on a one-to-one basis and it doesn't matter where you are in the world.

My strength is my ability to connect with people on a heart level and feel their individual needs.  I offer the inspiration and guidance to those who are needing and willing to help themselves through an authentic connection. 


Welcome to your Transformation, this is where it all begins!

This 3 month program is the solution to

ending yo-yo dieting once and for all and finally getting the lasting results you've been longing for.

In just 12 weeks discover how to nourish your body with real food, lose weight and KEEP IT OFF

Finally become a healthy and happy person who feels ALIVE again!




Before we get into food and eating, we will make sure you have the optimal mindset to create permanent change and not fall back into old habits like you used to.  Your mindset is the VITAL FOUNDATION to your succes for a real transformation.  I will help you explore what is holding you back from genuine health and impacting the way you feel. 

Such as:

  • The 2 big questions you need to honestly ask yourself to have lasting success with your health goals; 

  • 2 basic things you can do to effectively avoid the hunger trap; 

  • Ways to believe in your ability to accomplish anything you really desire, including changing your shape or your weight;

  • How to change your thoughts and fears to manifest your vision of a healthy relationship with food and a fit body ...


We’ll get to the core cause of your challenges and pinpoint the exact triggers that have held you back from reaching your goals.

You will discover hidden ways your lifestyle has been causing you more damage in the long run.  Your goals will come into reality with implementing changes that work with your lifestyle.

Such as:

  • How to set priorities to be prepared, successful and be able to follow through until your reach your goal;

  • Identify and rise above all your endless excuses why you can't give up the way you are eating and living now;

  • How to liberate yourself from placing a huge focus on counting calories;

  • Understand and reduce cravings so you are better equipped to deal with them...


Learn that you can eat good food, enjoy your food and lose weight all at the same time.

  • Create meals that are easy to prepare with limited, healthy ingredients and allow you to finally manage your weight without feeling hungry, tired and deprived;

  • Simplify portion control;

  • Create a balanced plate;

  • Become a wise shopper at the supermarket and have a healthy kitchen/pantry set up

And much more ...



You & me for 90 days.  We'll figure out what is realistic and achievable for YOU.


  • A 90 minute session (via Skype, Zoom or Facebook / or in person for locals) to dive deep* into where you're currently stuck and blocked;  we’ll discuss the plan to take your health to the next level;

  • 12 weekly modules;

  • 12 weekly 45 minute 1:1 calls* with me to answer any questions you may have, keep the momentum going and keep you motivated and supported;

  • 1 email exchange per week* outside of the sessions for enhanced support;

  • Guidebooks to do the work and track your progress;

  • Simple, but informative Handouts to boost your nutritional knowledge;

  • My personal commitment to help you cross the bridge on your road to lasting success.  I will give you the tools and the encouragement you need to sustain changes that will last a lifetime.

Guidebooks and Handouts

Weekly Modules

Weekly Support & Motivation

When was the last time you said "yes" to something for YOU?




Bonus lesson: Kitchen/Pantry Makeover Guide


Maintain the amazing results you’ve gained from Believe. ACH!EVE by using this Guide:

The Kitchen / Pantry Makeover will teach you how to create a kitchen that is a place where you can go to feel restored and experience vibrant health.  It is an ACTION PLAN designed to give you a step by step plan to get you up and running with a kitchen that supports your health goals.

I created this exclusive guide to support your transformation, so you don’t experience any negative rebound effects.


Private Facebook Group

It’s important to stay connected with like-minded women who genuinely want results for themselves and who will support and motivate you on your Whole New You transformation Path.

Especially when you’re having a tough time or feeling frustrated and discouraged.  But also to celebrate your milestones and inspire your peers!

My private Facebook community is a place for women just like you, who are struggling with releasing unwanted weight and keeping it off permanently.   You will be in the right place and you are part of it!

*Bonus #1 and 2 included in full package only. 




Believe. Ach!eve. 100% Self-Guided


Believe. Ach!eve. Full Program

Includes: *Deep Dive Session, *12 Coaching Sessions, *Email Support, *Facebook Group Support 

PLUS *Bonus #1 and #2





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Tania Lagrou

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